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February 18, 2023

Business Profile: EquestriSafe, LLC

(Photo Caption: EquestriSafe provides many options to provide contact information in the event you and your horse become separated, whether in an emergency evacuation or out on the trail.)

Be Sure Your Horses Are Identifiable in an Emergency.

Necessity is the mother of invention, and this holds true for EquestriSafe. After noticing other methods of identifying horses in case of an emergency, Teresa Spencer and her friend found better options for horses and riders.

How and why did you get started in business?

A friend of mine and I saw a need to have our own horses identified when being evacuated during emergencies. We had a friend who used a disposable method to identify her horses and we both thought, “There must be a better way.” This led us on a discovery of what was not available to the horse owners. With that, we decided to make something for ourselves, and when others saw what we’d done, they wanted us to do it for them too. Thus, EquestriSafe was born. We started with one product and now have more than 12 products that we produce here in the USA.

What’s your history with horses?

As a kid, my dad purchased me a cute dapple grey paint Shetland pony, Heidi, that I showed in halter and did gymkhana events. I then graduated to a full-size horse, Candy, that was a Heinz 57 mix, but she was the best. We showed Western pleasure, ran barrels, and did other gymkhana events, but our favorite thing was to trail ride on the weekends with girlfriends and be gone for hours. 

I was away from horses for 25 years raising kids, living in the city and having an office job. But when my husband said he wanted to move to the country, I immediately got back into horses.

I also got into selling manufactured horse barns for a small company and really enjoyed providing barns to customers to keep their equines in their backyards. It was really rewarding to see the finished projects for them.

Describe what sets your product or business apart from the competition?

EquestriSafe is geared to supply horse owners with safety identification products to identify their horses during emergency situations. We continue to build with other business owners and add safety-related products for customers. Our products are safe, easy to use, highly visible, durable, and comfortable for the horses.

What can clients expect to gain from your product or service?

Security in knowing that when they have identification on their horses they can be contacted immediately if the animals are removed from your property for any emergencies. Security in knowing that if while camping or trail riding a rider is separated from their horse, whomever finds the horse can notify the owner of their location immediately. Our products work for such a variety of situations, from traveling and transporting to breeding farms, camping, international travel, new owner gifts, and so much more other than identification for emergencies and evacuations.

Please list your preferred method of contact so people can reach you.

Teresa Spencer

(877) 600-1375

[email protected]

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January/February 2023

Teresa Spencer
Teresa is a serial entrepreneur, mother, wife, inventor, author and presenter at Equine Expos and events in the USA. Her topics are all regarding horse safety, barn safety, preventing barn fires, along with how to be prepared for emergency evacuations. As founder of EquestriSafe she is focused on products pertaining to equine and human identification and safety. Formerly, she helped owners design and build safe, efficient equine facilities with her company California Horse Barns. She is or has been a member of several horse groups and organizations such as CSHA (California State Horsemen's Association), Equestrian Trails – Corral 138, AQHA and APHA., WHIN (Women's Horse Industry Network), Acton Chamber of Commerce, Toast Masters, WE of SCV (Women Entrepreneurs of Santa Clarita). She has trained her own young horses and mustangs. Currently has been traveling the United States with her husband and new puppy attending events and educational seminars. If you would like to contact her, please do so at: Contact Us

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