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June 20, 2024

zipOns® Make Dressing Easier with a Unique Approach to Putting on Pants

zipOns® Make Dressing Easier with a Unique Approach to Putting on Pants

Putting on a pair of pants is a daily activity that most people take for granted. However, for the millions of adults and children with disabilities and short-term mobility challenges due to accidents, surgery or medical conditions pulling on a pair of pants can be impossible. ZipOns® are the solution. The patented pants are designed with zippers from waist to hem providing incomparable levels of ease and comfort to those who wear them and their caregivers. Instead of pulling pants up over the legs, zipOns® make it possible to zip the pants on around the legs in a standing position or while lying down and the calf and hem of the pant can be vented to accommodate braces, casts, and other medical equipment.

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The idea for zipOns® came to befree, LLC Co-Founder Nicole Puzzo when her daughter Stella, who was born with spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy, underwent surgery on both of her hips. Stella’s post-surgical recovery was expected to take three months and require casts on both legs plus a bar between to stabilize her hips making it impossible for her to wear traditional pants. Nicole asked the doctors and medical staff if they had recommendations on adaptive pants that she could dress Stella in to keep her warm and comfortable but there was nothing that existed. So, Nicole took apart a pair of pajama pants, adapted them and from there came the idea for zipOns®.

“After meeting with doctors and discussing the lengthy recovery process Stella would face after her surgery, I knew I had to do everything in my power to make her as comfortable as possible,” said Nicole. “As a parent when you see your child struggling your mind instantly goes into overdrive searching for solutions. The design concept for zipOns is simple, but it can truly change lives. I am excited to be able to provide other families with access to clothing that can make everyday living a little easier.”

"When Nikki first shared with me the idea for zipOns, I was shocked like her that there were no pants with full zipper openings on the legs available,” said befree, LLC Co-Founder Joanne DiCamillo. “zipOns pants can improve lives for caregivers, people with disabilities, medical conditions, and people recovering after surgery and accidents, the market is large. It is very inspiring to see something so simple make such a huge difference. And makes you want to share it with the world."

Image Courtesy befree

zipOns® are now available for children in navy blue or black with matching navy or black zippers or accent zippers in red, purple, or black. Adult zipOns® are available in three options – navy with a navy zipper, black with a black zipper or black with a purple zipper. The zippers are covered in the interior with a full-length flange and a zipper garage at the waist, preventing contact and ensuring maximum comfort. zipOns® youth and adult pants have an elastic waist and are made with a soft, moisture-wicking polyester with the option of either lightweight or heavyweight fabric, great for colder months. The adult pants also have deep front pockets. befree offers a range of inclusive sizing, with youth pants XX small to extra-large, and adult pants extra-small to 3X large. Sizing is not standard so customers should check size charts before ordering. Lightweight fabric zipOns® are $39.99 for youth and $54.99 for adults, and heavyweight fabric zipOns® are $44.99 for youth and $59.99 for adults all at

Befree holds design and utility patents for their zipOns® adaptive pants, and are in the development stage of expanding their line to include zippered leggings and shorts that will function just like the current zipOns®. befree has also joined forces with the Jauron Family Foundation to provide financial assistance to those who need it when purchasing zipOns®, ensuring access to adaptive clothing for all.

About befree befree is dedicated to improving lives by addressing the real, everyday challenges of people living with limited mobility. befree is committed to making adaptive and inclusive fashion that really works. Though clothing is a basic human need, for millions of people with temporary or permanent disabilities, getting dressed can be an ongoing daily hardship. For more information, visit

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