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April 4, 2020

Understanding Safety in the Horse-Human Relationship

Avoid an Accident by Gaining Knowledge

Saddened by the loss of a 12-year-old barrel racer and heading into the busy lesson and clinic season, safety has been heavy on my mind. Becoming a parent brought a heightened awareness for my children’s safety with horses, as well as my own. This brought a screeching halt to starting many colts, riding most outside horses, or climbing on client horses who were misbehaving. My ego struggles with being viewed as a coward, but my devotion to my family knows those situations are simply higher risk, and no longer a good life choice.  


Helmets are important for understanding Safety in the Horse-Human Relationship
Helmets are important! Photo by Willfully Guided
Allison Trimble
Allison Trimble has a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science from Cal Poly, SLO. After her graduation in 1999, Allison started Coastal Equine and has been training and competing in cowhorse, reining and cutting events. She has had marked success in the show pen boasting many titles and championships. Willfully Guided is an educational program based on Allison’s training process. For more information visit: Allison is also a Realtor specializing in horse properties, hobby and commercial farms, and family housing. She combines her experience in the horse industry with her lifelong involvement in real estate to help clients find their perfect property. Learn more at

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