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March 20, 2024

Brain Injury Awareness Month: Back on Track® Helps Riders Stay Safe

"Safety while riding is often something we don't think enough about. Parents with kids are usually more aware of keeping their children safe but those of us that have been riding for years figure we know enough so helmets and safe practices are something we don't need (or it's not cool, too hot, etc). On the flip side, as we get older, we have more of a fear of getting hurt. Our reflexes aren't what they used to be or we are not in good enough shape, keeping our core strong, so safety becomes more top of mind. I think Back on Track is a good company that's been around for a while so I would be confident in using their products. I think their recommendations will be sound advice. Be safe and enjoy your horse!" - Karen Pickering, Owner/Publisher The Northwest Horse Source & Colorado Horse Source.

Pottstown, PA – More sports are paying attention to protecting athletes from head injuries. But the top cause of sport-related traumatic brain injuries isn’t football. It’s horseback riding.

Equestrians can stay safer by understanding their head injury risks and protecting their brains with the safest riding helmets available. As a global leader in equestrian helmets, Back on Track® is committed to rider safety.

That’s why we’re spreading the word about Brain Injury Awareness Month this March. Recognized by the CDC and Brain Injury Association of America, this month brings attention to the prevention of traumatic brain injuries and promotes support for persons affected by them.

Researchers in a 2015 World Neurosurgery review linked 45.2% of sports-related traumatic brain injuries to horseback riding. Contact sports accounted for just 20.2%.

Concussions are the most common traumatic brain injury and the most frequent cause of hospitalization for horse riders. Head injuries are also the leading cause of death in horse-related accidents.

Helmets can protect equestrians by dissipating impact force during a fall. Research shows helmets play a vital role in reducing the severity of concussions. The same review mentioned above found helmet use reduced head injury risk by 40-50%.

Increasing safety awareness has led to more widespread use of helmets. And advances in technology have helped us make riding helmets safer than ever. But not every helmet provides the same protection.

Extensive testing and innovation have helped Back on Track® develop some of the safest riding helmets on the planet. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Our helmets have been rated top 10, Best in Test, and Good Choice for eight years running in independent safety tests by Folksam and Virginia Tech.

We were the first to bring Mips to the equestrian market in 2009, a safety system proven to reduce rotational motion to the brain during a fall. Equestrians have a higher risk of rotational damage from an angled impact, but many helmets lack this additional protection.

Today, we’re still working on ways to make our helmets even safer. All Trauma Void™ helmets recently passed the new SEI/ASTM Certification Standard ASTM F1163-23. Uncertified helmets and helmets designed for other sports are unsafe for equestrian use.

Riders should replace their helmets every three to five years after the date of first use and immediately after every fall. We offer a crash replacement policy for Trauma Void™ helmets to encourage riders to stay safe.

Your brain deserves the best. Protect it with Trauma Void helmets.

Learn more about choosing the safest riding helmet on the Back on Track blog.

Back on Track creates therapeutic products that help people, pets, and horses achieve a more active and comfortable lifestyle. Back on Track’s proven therapeutic technologies include Welltex®, Iontex™, Coppertex, Haematex™, and Cool on Track®. All were developed by combining modern textile technology and traditional Chinese medicine to create unprecedented health and wellness results, often referred to as “The Back on Track Effect.” Back on Track’s joint and muscle support products and braces are FDA-cleared. Trauma Void, Back on Track’s line of riding helmets, is a global leader in safety and comfort. To learn more about Back on Track and our ever-expanding line of therapy and safety products, please ask your favorite retailer or visit us at

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